Birch Contemporary



Chantal Khoury, Julie Moon, Martin Pearce, Renée Van Halm

Works in the exhibition

What is it that remains? The mark of the hand, the record of process, the trace of materials, the hint of a feeling, or the essence of an emotion. When we create, what is it that we replace? The remains of what came before cannot be ignored, nor completely removed, within time, space, and history, there are always traces of those things forgotten. Whether purposely, forcibly, or by pure neglect, we are reminded of what once was. Remnants brings together a group of artists for whom the traces of what once was are embedded within what has become. Whether through material, subject matter, or process, each work haunts back to a previous incarnation, inspiring the viewer to reflect on the transformational nature of each works’ existence. Thus, questioning themselves of what may remain. Artists include: Mariana Bolaños, Sarah Fabrizi, Chantal Khoury, Lyse Lemieux, Julie Moon, Martin Pearce, and Renee Van Halm